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Posted 19th Jan
I need help from the gamers of HUKD for my issue. So this is to do with the epic launcher which started acting strange on the last start up. It came up white and instead of icons and tabs the writing there was just words and a big X in one corner, I thought it was to do with the connection so left it that day. I came back to it today to find the same so when ahead and done a reinstall, this is where its got worse. Now all the games appear to need reinstalling yet by the capacity of the hdd in use I'm sure they are all still installed just not being recognised. I can't even find the files so I'm not sure if their hidden or inaccessible for copyright or something.

I'll be grateful for any advice or any previous experience of this that may be able to point me towards a fix?
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You should be able to install each game again in the exact same locations. It should sort itself out. Steam does.
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