Epiphone SG G310 Guitar

    Looking for an Epiphone SG G310 for less than £130. It's my 18th birthday in two weeks and this is what I want.
    Rep for anyone that can help me.


    ]Gak has one for £117 but if you don't live near Brighton, their £10 delivery charge brings it up to £127 - still less than £130 though! :-D

    Edit: Just noticed you wanted a G310 and that one's a special.

    There are G310s at ]Reidys for £124.99 if you live near Lancashire but £10 delivery takes it over £130.

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    Cheers, TJ. The specials are different, and Reidys was the place I was thinking of getting one in the first place, but Rep anyway for the time. :-D
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