Epson all in one printer needed fast! please help!

    I really need to get a new printer within the next couple of days, my epson R360 just packed in tonight saying something about the ink pad in full, i would have bought another R360 as i've still got over 20 inks left but can't seem to find them anymore, i want to go for one of those all in ones but don't have a clue what's the best to go for as everyone i look at seems to have lots of bad feedback, i am looking to spend up to £100 on a good one, i print lots of photos every week, i need one that i can buy cheap ink off ebay like i did before with my other one, please help me on this as i've wasted all night trying to find one with no luck. Thanks


    You will never a printer as good as the one you have.

    Try downloading the software here :-…tml

    for a very nifty little program to reset your ink level etc.

    Hope this helps.

    yeah was gonna suggest the same thing. you can reset it with that software, and then ideally you should open her up, remove the inkpad and wash it. and generally give it a good clean.

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    Hi, Thanks for replying, i downloaded that program some time last year but never really used it then i but lost it, thanks for the link to it again, can you tell me how it can reset the printer as i can't seem to find out how to do that, as for the taking the ink pad out and washing it i remember trying that on a old epson printer i had a few years back and it never took the error away so in the end i had to bin the printer. Thanks again for the info

    no cleaning it won't remove the error because it doesn't actually know how much ink is there, it's just a counter for how many times it's done the initial charge thing (i think). and I think there's an option called reset all counters.
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