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Posted 27th Nov
Contemplating purchasing an epson eco tank (et-2711) or similar.
We’ve had an epson expression for the past 5-6 years and it’s done us well for £35. So we’ve been happy enough with epson brand itself, but would appreciate any advise on the ecotanks.
From the outset they look like they are cheaper to run, al eit the initial outlay to get up and running. So this does appear to work out cheaper for us that a standard inkjet with standard refills (unbranded).

Any advise or thoughts on the ecotanks printers?
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Does it tell you the running cost per page?

Some Canon models have really cheap running costs. In fact last time i worked it out my canon ran cheaper than black and white lasers and my inks are even cheaper now. £4 for 3 sets.
The price of the ink refills is approx £29 and you can print 4,500 pages in black and 7,500 in colour(or thereabouts.) so works out a lot cheaper than most others...
Which canon do you have?
MG5250 it's a good few years old now and it's been a cracking printer. PGI525 & CLI526 are the inks. Worked out about a penny a page.
Just checked my running costs again. So it's £1.34 for a set of inks and they do

Colour Cartridge Life 520 Pages
Mono Cartridge Life 340 Pages

So my ink prices must have come down alot since i last checked as that's way less than a penny a page.

I know when i last did it i surprised alot of laser owners that i was down to a penny a page as i had to show my working out lol.
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I looked into them a couple of years ago and the general consensus seemed to be that the cheaper ecotank models were typical Epson home quality - i.e. the printer was likely to wear out after a few thousand pages itself. The top business model at that time seemed to be more positively looked on, but I can't remember the model number.

What's the total page count on your current printer? That'll give you a good idea of how much you're printing.
I gave this some more thought and i think it's just a clever marketing ploy to rip off the customer.

If you're a big user of ink then the printer wll take a hammering so i'd be avoiding it unless it came with a 5 year guarantee or you could end up having to waste money on an expensive printer every year or so.
Thanks for the useful comments everyone.
I can’t quite answer the question on total page count for current printer as our printing requirements have recently changed so we will be printing more than previously...Approx 5 pages a week.
The thing that’s putting me off the epson ecotanks now is the price point compared to the features you’re getting is not all that.

Appreciate your help fellow dealers! Enjoy Black Friday!
40 pages a month isn't a great amount. In six years at that rate you will have printed 1560 pages, less than half of the included ink. Unless you're printing lots of ink-heavy stuff such as photos.
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