Epson Ink and compatible ink

    Got a Epson sx415 got the ink that came with it at the mo in it, but the ink is running out I have aload of compatible ink is it ok to mix them.


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    Anyone ?

    I would like to know this as well. Just bought an Epson and although ink is cheaper than my old HP it runs out quicker. Can anyone recommend a good website that sells compatible ink.

    go to great service and prices i dont think anyone can match them.

    Thanks bighoss2

    Anyone able to answer OPs question please

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    Would be good if someone could answer my question please.

    Btw, I got some ink from 7dayshop for only 99p each if you like them.
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    this frequently asked question seems to give a good bit of information about cartridges, have a little look and see if it answers your question

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    I had to replace them all, when I did replace them it took sometime for them to register as it was keep saying they was was invalid, but they was ok in the end, the was the ones I got for 7dayshop but I guess most are the same.
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