Epson Print issue.

    I just replaced my black ink as evertime i go to print i just get a blank page. I changed the font colour to a dark grey in Microsoft Word and it printed perfectly fine. Any ideas?

    Ive gone through multiple head cleaning/nozzle checks


    Which Epson is it? Old or the new xp range?

    have you tried to delete and reinstall drivers?

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    Which Epson is it? Old or the new xp range?


    The black ink isn't working. The reason light grey works is because this is printed using Cyan, Magenta and Yellow instead of black. Try this:

    1. Make sure you use real EPSON ink. You will find 3rd party ink won't always jet.
    2. Make sure the new cartridge is installed correctly.
    3. Run the cleaning cycles several times to attempt to recover the print head.

    Unlike HP printers, the print head is not in the ink cartridge so replacing the ink does not replace the print head. If the head is blocked, then it will remain blocked even if you change ink cartridge (although switching from 3rd party ink to Epson ink might recover it).

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