Epson R200 Printer

    Hi, does anybody know where I can get a new Epson R200 printer or Epson R340, mine just died and I have a load of new printer cartridges for it. Tried PC World, Currys and Comet, also Ebay but they are wanting £100 for one bit extortionate I think ;-) Thanks.


    when u say died wat exactly has happened?.........i may be able to fix it for you with a simple download

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    The problem is that I keep getting an error on the screen saying my printer components have reached the end of its life cycle, needs a service.
    This fault appears under the status monitor box if that helps.

    Thank You


    hi i picked one up from Boots. I think some stores have it for around £52 (clearance) - Must be old stock!. I picked up one last saturday. Have a look at the bigger boots. Thanks
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