Epson Stylus Colour 600. Fix or scrap?

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Found 30th Oct 2005
Can anyone advise me, please.
I have an Epson Stylus Colour 600 printer. It is about 9 or 10 years old and has worked perfectly well until recently. I like it because the replacement ink cartridges are so cheap.
It has recently started printing black horizontal lines 1cm apart through everything I print. Someone suggested that it might be a faulty ink cartridge, so today I changed both the colour and the black cartridges. After I did this, I did a test print and the lines were still there. Then, as if by magic, without horizontal lines, it printed out two sheets with the options of changing the font and the language settings, and at the end stated "Switch the printer off to save the new settings." As I was happy with the settings as they were, I switched off. Then I switched on again and printed another two sheets without lines. An hour later I tried to print a letter and the lines were back!
I have looked in the trouble shooting guide in the manual. This problem isn't mentioned.
Can anyone advise me how to fix this problem, please. Or can anyone suggest another printer that would be cheap to replace the ink.
Thank you. :?


Yes mate,

I think you have just joined my club. i had a C530 (i think) and yes it did as you have just prescribed and after playing about i just thought scrap this.

Many months later i found one but better. an RX420 all in one but requires 4 catridges. you can pick the catridges up for around £6.00 each (replicates) or the original for £11.00.

But baring the cost the printer itself to me cost only £55.00 so i think for that price its worth the job.

happy hunting and best of luck

Original Poster

Argos have got a Lexmark Z735 printer reduced to £29.99. They take one cartridge which is quite expensive at £15 but the printer comes complete with a cartridge. By my reckoning that makes the printer £15, which has got to be a bargain. Hasn't it?
Anyone know how long a cartridge lasts for?


go to [url]www.techimo.com[/url] then go on an join the forums the tech-heads there will more then likely be able to fix your problem

Scrap it mate - printers are more or less being given away as the manufacturers hope to make there money back on ink. I binned my Epson Colour Stylus 'cos it was giving me similar grief and need cleaning all the time and bought myself a nice Samsung Laser for £45. B&W only but just sits there and prints when I tell it too.

I also bought SWMBO a lovely HP 5270 (?) for £40 to retire a ten year old HP690c. Print quality is way ahead of the older model as the technology has come ahead in leaps and bounds over the years. Although I didn't buy this printer to do photo's I've done some A4 prints and they are proper photo quality.

If you want to use cheap ink once the supplied cartridges run out, a little research before you buy the printer would be a good idea.

I've dumped my ink jet Epson and switched to a cheap brother mono laser. Much more economical.

Have you tried to do head alignment? I have 640 and sometimes you need to run it.
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