Epson Stylus Photo R220

    I'm trying to get one of these as cheap as possible (don't we all try eh? )

    Cheapest so far is Amazon at £54

    Actually damn it! It's gone up a fiver over night! Argh! Grrr

    [COLOR=#990000]£59.99[/COLOR][COLOR=black] at Amazon now[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=black]Thing is I need it to come with cartridges (obviously) but am not too fussed about cable as I have an old (probably USB 1.0) cable that hopefully will work with it.[/COLOR]

    PC World have it cheap, but none in stock for collection in my area.

    Currys seem to be the cheapest now at £56.20 delivered + 3% quidco.

    Anyone find a cheaper one?

    Good luck!


    Cheapest would be at currys i think - using the code YAW297 to get it for £53.39 delivered...

    Original Poster

    Hmm, I must have missed that code, wonder how I did that?! lol

    As usual, emma is on the ball

    Tell me emma, do you spend 24/7 on this forum reading, correcting and advising on every single post?! LOL! Do you have a job IRL? You seem to be so quick and everywhere

    Oh and I'm not suggesting you get around a bit....

    LOL... yeah I have a job during the week, but I am able to be on here most of the day anyway...

    And I do not read, correct and advise on every single post! I admit I'm slightly obsessive compulsive and like to see things done correctly.... a bit too pedantic about it perhaps!

    Good luck with the printer. Did you know there was a ][COLOR=blue]deal hunt[/COLOR]at Christmas about direct-to-disc printers? I checked through it all in case any of the deals still applied now...the R220 was heavily featured in that thread!

    Original Poster

    Right, cheers for that, seems I found the cheapest (think I always would anyway ) although missed the coupon hehe

    I reckon the R220 is the best for price value, obviously there are better cd printing ones, such as the r340, but they are a lot more expensive

    Emma is a super mod god :P

    Original Poster

    tis true

    btw, whats happened to the emotes? hmmm

    EDIT - actually some are working, its just me then lol


    Emma is a super mod god :P

    Aw shucks*

    Thanks guys..

    What emotes? If you mean admins tongue emote, he used a capital instead of a lower case and destroyed the effect...

    Original Poster

    Yeah guessed as much

    Original Poster

    and winky doesnt work booo :'(

    Yes it does ;-) : + - + )

    Original Poster

    Bought at £53.39 with 3% quidco, cheers ears

    Original Poster

    lies all lies

    Good stuff!

    The following is a link to UKDVDr, they sell a full set of ink for the epson R220 for £4.69 and postage varys on how much stuff you buy, but it is around £1.79 if you are just getting one set. Good ink but not as good as the offical epson stuff (always the case with 3rd party ink cartridges).


    i can recommend ukdvdr as above.......always used them and great delivery service.

    Original Poster

    right, cheers ears
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