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Hello, could someone help me find the cheapest place to buy ink cartridges for the Epson SX425W please, I've just bought this printer and would like to find the best place to buy replacement cartridges but I'm struggling,I've looked on ebay and amazon but can only find about 4 or 5 results all genuine Epson cartridges... is it best to get the genuine ones? many thanks x

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inkredible are usually vgood

I am not going to tell you what to do, only what I do.

I am using compatible inks for the last 6-7 years on Epson printers without any problems.

So it is really your choice if you want to pay more money (much more) for a product, just because it says a spesific brand on the side of it.

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thank you both of you x

Just looked on inkredible and my printer isn't listed it's not listed on any of the ink sites I've been on

just emailed inkredible
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Try here … Try here these all the time with no problems.

thank you! they list my printer but don't sell the cartridges... looks like I'm going to have to wait a couple of weeks. thanks for your help though
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