Epson SX515W Printer, do you own one? If so read this. What inks are you using? Serious problems with certain inks. How many here have had this problem?

Found 13th Feb 2011
There have been several threads over the last year or so for this printer and judging by the heat received, many people have bought one. I bought mine well over a year ago and until recently was very happy with it. I had been using Jettec ink but a few weeks ago I started getting "Cartridge not recognised" errors and the print heads blocked up. Cleaning did nothing and searching the web it seems that a lot of people eventually get a similar problem if using compatibles. They are fine to start with but eventually (and mine took over a year) they block the print heads and you need to do a thorough clean with isopropanol and then resort back to genuine Epsons at huge cost. What make of inks are people using and have others had similar problems? Maybe we can find the brand of ink that works best with this printer through user feedback.
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I always bought ink from hornsea on ebay with no problems http://****…295
Yeah i wouldn't mind knowing what inks people are using, i cant get that ebay link to work though
We have this printer and off the top of my head all I know is I use the ones that are usually on offer for 79p or something like that and Ive not had any problems.

EDIT: These ones...…371

I always bought ink from hornsea on ebay with no problems … I always bought ink from hornsea on ebay with no problems http://****

i bought paper off them and ever since im bombarded with constant emails from them. when i block one address a new one is made eg ending in mailer.8 or mailer.9.
so annoying
Can people say how long they've had the printer, what ink they are using, how long they've been using those inks and if they've had any problems. Thanks
One things for sure - the people who have bought this printer like pets.
I've had problems with Epson printers before (not this one though). Apparently there are two types of ink for printers, and one type is thinner than the other. The heads get clogged if you use an ink that's too thick, and Epson printers use the thinner ink. I found this out after ruining two printers
i have this printer had it for about a year now and was getting my inks from buytech for 79p each all fine at the moment.
its just a shame that they have stopped selling them

One things for sure - the people who have bought this printer like pets.

Lol I read your comment and then looked back up the page and realised what you meant
Well I faced same problem rendering my printer useless for 10 months. On top of 70£ already paid for printer and wasted ink I paid epson for extended warranty to unblock my printer head. I read few posts on hukd and they suggested using fleabay item 280611444409 for head cleaning.
Jet tec inks seem good but are nowhere as cheap as other compatibles.
I to would like to know what inks people are using for future referance. I am using a DX7400 at the moment. Used Epson printers for the last 10years+. Always used compatables but now on
Automatic Reset Chip refillable carts. At the moment I`m using a some very cheap ink I purchased from a £1 shop last year. like I said in my other post I have never had a head clogging problem once I started running a routine of printing off a test page every week.If you dont use your printer on a regular basis the heads will clog no matter what in you use.Cheapest printer on the market to run so they are worth a bit T.L.C
I've had a few problems with this printer

1. Inks are running out ridiculously quickly, basically printing about 5-10 small cliparts taking up about a 1/4 of an a4 and the printer is asking for a new ink.

2. For a while large chunks of text were missing on full page prints, changing to a different supplier of ink seemed to change this.
Just had the ill fated message when I cahnged my black. changed for another cartridge and this one appears to work. The installed ink jets I am using are called Pro-Jet, hope this helps?

I am using Jettec and my printer heads have all clogged up!!!

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