Epson SX600FW cheapest price?

    Missed out on buying one when they were 80/90 quid, does anyone know a place selling them for that kind of price rather than £140? Amazon are back down to £115 but that's still far too much



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    Thanks for searching mate, reckon those sites are reputable?

    EDIT: nope, scammers sadly…228

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    Still after one, or have Epson introduced a replacement? Will spend the £110 on a newer model but not on this one. Amazon price seems to be fluctuating around that mark

    Hi bossman.ebay xxxxxxxxxxxx :thumbsup:

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    Aye cheers mate but for the sake of 6 or 7 quid i'd sooner buy from a retailer, they'd gone down to £80 over the winter and I neglected to buy one :rolleyes:
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