Epson wireless printer stopping halfway through job

Found 29th Nov 2011
Instantly annoying. Just tried printing a 16 page document. Its saved to my desktop, theres enough ink and all that but it will just print out say 3 pages then stop halfway through printing the next one?

Had to print it off in 2 page intervals. Now when I try to print it again to test it says in the printer status:

Unable to send trailing nul to printer: Broken pipe

Dont really know whats best to do.
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What operating system are you using? I will see if I can find a solution.
OSX Snow Leopard also not printing on my Dads laptop using Windows 7
I would first try and reinstall the printer driver on the windows 7 machine. Then look on the manufacturers site to see if there is a firmware update for that printer, if so install that.

Once you have done that and if all works ok, do the same on OSX Snow Leopard.
The printer driver on the disc that came with the printer?

The printer driver on the disc that came with the printer?

I would probably download the latest one from the Epson site.
Bin it and get another printer just not Epson.
The "broken pipe" part of the error message suggests a connectivity issue. I assume you're having problems when printing over WiFi? Try using USB or ethernet instead.

Is there a way to reset the printer to factory defaults? If so, do that and re-setup wireless.
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