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Found 16th Apr 2009
I thought I would share my experience with Equifax for those who don't know that they are an evil company!

Got my thirty day trial of my credit report, wanted to cancel my trial, was told that I couldn't and to call back on 16th April day before my trial ran out only. Called the 0870 number today(no choice for sending email) couldn't get through for 30 minutes had to hang up, estimated cost of phone call so far £2, and now I have to call again or thery will bill my credit card.

Forget credit report free trials I say, just send off for a copy instead costing you £2, probably less money and you don't have to sit on hold like a muppett for ages!.

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freephone number here
sorry deleted as I dont know why thats not working

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there's no freephone number on that link

From saynoto0870.com

Equifax 0800 7839421 Credit rating agency - Financial services
Equifax 01274 759759
Equifax 0800 7839421 Credit rating agency - Financial services
Equifax 0800 0665 825 For all personal products (i.e. Gold, Silver, Lite and Credit Reports) between 9am - 5pm Monday to

Equifax 0870 0100583 0800 7839421 Credit rating agency - Financial services

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thanks alot on hold to them now, saved me a couple of quid!



thanks alot on hold to them now, saved me a couple of quid!

good, maybe you could now afford some clothes :thumbsup:

I had the free trial with this company.
I cancelled in time to prevent payment being taken.
I was told that all my details would be removed from their data base.
Payment was taken from my account and i blew a fuse.
I negotiated an apology and a cheque for £100 as compensation with a full refund.

Credit reference agency employee:noun. person who obtains money by supporting and imposing suffering on others.

Blood sucking bar studs. imo

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Well i was polite when i called them up to cancel, they asked why I was cancelling, i told them because I hate their company and the way they do business :).

]freecreditreport.co.uk try these for credit reports, they dont automatically re bill you, and it only takes 2 mins.. if you have used them before just use another card to get the free report again... ive had about 8 credit score from them, all free :thumbsup:
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