Equipment Booking System

    I am looking for an equipment booking system that is free and ideally be used on an iPad or a mac. I don't mind exploring a web-based option. It will be used to keep track of who is borrowing filming equipment within a college environment. Simple information date such as equipment, name, date etc will be used.


    Google forms?

    +1 For Google forms..There is a Outlook forms to. I use Google forms for expense tracking, but you can use for anything. I created a form with a mix of drop down menus and blank boxes. All answers go in Google docs spreadsheet. It's automated and you can be up and running in minutes when you understand it. You could have 2 forms. Booking out and booking in. I just browser bookmark the form on pc and phone. By default each entry has a time and date placed in the spreadsheet. See youtube and just play around.

    Here my form that's on my phones browser

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    Thanks, shall have a look at the idea when I get a chance and see how easy it will be to implement what I want it do to.

    Google calendar one calendar for each piece of equipment.

    Take a look at an example of a Google form. It's here on hot uk deals forum..…611
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