Equivalent Bike spec to a Giant Roam1??


I am looking to buy a new bike through a work 'Cycle Scheme'. I have currently seen a Giant Roam 1 which seems about the right kind of spec. I am looking to mainly use the bike on roads for work but also a little off road capacity.

The current RRP is £595 which is what I have to 'pay' so please don't suggest bikes which can be bought for less.

Any suggestions of an equivalent spec but a different brand?? Any advantages or disadvantages over these specs?




It is a great scheme. I just got mine a couple of weeks ago. My experience in Aberdeen (4 shops are in the scheme) is that there is a lot of variety in pricing between the shops. Trekking round the shops was my answer (for a much cheaper bike) - 2 of them were ruled out on first visit and the other 2 got a second visit just so that I could compare.

So, I have not got any advice on specs/ brands but would say visit the shops near you and see for yourself.

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I plan to check out a few shops but understand that they must do the scheme on the RRP. So ultimately when I decide which bike it doesn't matter which shop I then sign the deal with??


That is how I understand it as well, but for one of the bikes I looked at, one of the shops included mudguards, another did not and wanted £35 on top for them. Also if you want extras like a speedo computer thingy, one would fit it for free, another wanted a £5 to fit.

The other complication was that only some brands were available in both the shops I liked. It made it harder to compare like with like
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