Erasing a PC

    Im thinking of selling a PC not on here but to a friend. I was just wondering whats the best way to completly erase the PC so no details or files or anything will still be on it.



    free edition of killdisk, best software.


    A drill!

    Hard disk scrubber or Killdisk...

    I used eraser.

    if you have the windows install disc still you could do a clean install, so all pervious data would be removed, this will make the computer run like new as it won't have all the unwanted programs and files etc

    Acid will be your best bet, as it don't matter what program you use if someone want the data back off that drive they will get it back if they want.

    Sorry to jump in here but i was windering if i have a laptop and use one of these programs to wipe my hard drive as the recovery part is on the hard drive will it wipe the operating system off as well? or is there a program that wipes everything except the operating system.
    I need to wipe my hard drive so i can sell it.I do have a spare 80gb laptop hard drive in a caddy so could use this to store info on wipe the drive then put it back on or am i talking rubbish.
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