Ereader cases?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew of some hard cases or soft slipcases for a Sony PRS-350 ereader? I'm sure it could help out Kindle owners as well. The hard case would be about 6"x8", slip case about 5"x7". I know you can use PRS-300 cases and I will try any case of the same dimensions, doesn't have to be for my reader.

    The new PRS-350 comes with no case whatsoever which is pretty poor, even the PRS-300 had a soft wallet sort of thing, you'd probably call it a 'neoprene sleeve' because that's what they call it for PSPs and sell them for about 50p but I haven't found anything for ereaders. On ebay you can get a neoprene sleeve for a 10" netbook for 99p delivered or a hard case for a 15" laptop for £2.99 delivered so there must be something out there for ereaders!

    Hard cases are about 12-15 quid on ebay but I think that's just because they're selling them at a premium and changing the name. If I knew what the standard type of rectangular hard case was called I'm sure I could buy one for £3-£5. An example would be item http://****…180 on ebay.

    Thanks in advance for any advice or deals you have found for yourselves!


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    My mum's PRS-300 came with a soft neoprene case, looks like this:

    I'd like one of those too but it seems to only be a pack-in thing.

    She got that official leather cover but with a light in it from the sale. Usually though they're really expensive!

    Personally I'm after a travel case as described in my original post, something that looks like this:
    The outside is made of tough rubber and can withstand shocks if you drop it.

    And yes, Calibre is great

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    Hey, wow! I just looked again in the box and there's a case & cables & … Hey, wow! I just looked again in the box and there's a case & cables & manuals & all sorts of stuff!!!

    Ha, yeah, it's in the flap underneath where the ebook goes.

    I am willing to use one for a PRS-300, they're the ones that are expensive and what I gave an example for on ebay. There's still not a lot, but more than for the 350. I was wondering if there are any standard cases for everything that are cheap, rather than £13+ for a £4 case...

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    They're offering a free case for 300 and 600 owners so you'll have two, but still none for 350 owners X)
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