Eric Cantona plans to bring French banks to their knees-lol!

    Ex footballer cantona is spearheading the "stopbanque" campaign-basically,since they blame the greedy banks for all europes problems,the idea is that next week EVERYONE goes into their bank and withdraws all their money,therefore closing the banks as they have no assets.

    Imagine everyone with their cash stuffed in a mattress at home-its a burglars dream! The campaign organisers seem to believe they will do some serious damage to the banks-personally think its a mental idea that wont get much support.


    You never know...........when i was flying back from Spain the other day this Spanish geezer told me him and his pals were sick of life in the Air Traffic Tower...........i told him to just throw a sickie and chill for a bit. Oops

    Wouldn't want to be in debt to a bank if this di happen. They wool just call in all the debts they could to try and gain some assets


    People are too selfish for this to work.

    Esp if this was going to happen in the uk.

    Eric is still the King!

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    You're slow today Barky.

    Im slow every day m8-lol
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