Erm, what did I do? Firefox help please!

    Something is causing new tabs to open with a yahoo search engine and video on (when they used to open blank). Can someone tell me how to get it back to blankness? I have no idea what I've done, and can't find how to undo it. Thanks.


    I had the same problem a few weeks back , I messed about in tools and eventually got it fixed , but have no idea why it appeared and not sure what I did to rectify it , but I am sure that we can not be the only ones to be troubled by this .

    I had bother with Firefox,I took it off but kept some of the settings like my favourites etc,it said would you like to keep such and such incase you want to reinstall again so I did. Anyway I went and reinstalled and my laptop still didn't like it. So I just removed the whole lot completely.
    Using Safari mainly now, I also have Opera installed.

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    PhearFactor nasty, good luck!

    Thanks for that - found it, although I've never downloaded yahoo's toolbar, there was a weird net.assist in addons. I've removed that, and now I'm back to blank-tabbedness. Cheers guys. On another note, I have tried Opera and REALLY like it, but it's just not as fast for the inane facebook games I play. Maybe I should try quitting...
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