Ernest Jones £100 off voucher

Posted 9th Jul 2010
Hi Does anyone have one of the Ernest Jones Vouchers for £100 off when you spend £300 or more, which they wont be using and would be willing to pass on?? from the offer...
"If you spend £100 or more with us between Sunday 30 May 2010 and Saturday 24 July 2010 inclusive, you'll receive a £100 voucher. This will entitle you to £100 off an order of £300 or more between Sunday 15 August 2010 and Saturday 25 September 2010 inclusive" ??
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Anybody ???
I haven't got one but I would like one too lol
Anybody got one and willing to sell for a small fee
Surely some kind person must have one of these which they wont use and would like to help??
Thread closed. That's enough posts in your thread (deemed as bumps) including the deleted ones.

Do not offer payment for items which have no rrp.

Is this not a wanted type thread as you are now offering cash for a voucher? Which can't be sold on fs/t anyhoo?

Obviously not as reported this thread to ask when it was posted, fickle old rule book here.

Ohh ASB is on it, I reported this thread on the 11th btw!

Sorry, commenting is no longer available on this discussion.


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