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eSIM Contract Providers (Gear S3 LTE)

Posted 8th Nov 2016
Does anyone know of any UK networks offering an eSIM contract? I know O2 used to for the Sear S2, but I have the gear S3 Frontier coming soon and I would like to know what options I have for contracts for it?

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You don't need it. The UK model isn't LTE compatible. I know. I was surprised too.
thanks for clearing that up. Very strange as I am sure this was one of the key features and I have not really seen any press about different frontier models. Hopefully I will finally get mine next week after plenty of Samsung delays.
There are indeed 2 models of Frontier: Bluetooth only, and LTE versions. Bluetooth only version is SM-R760, LTE variant is SM-R765. The latter is not available in UK at present. In other countries where it is available (USA for example), it is sold by mobile phone providers, with a contract. No UK providers are currently supporting the electronic sim (e-sim) that the s3 SM-R765 has. Although 02 do support and sell a gear s2 with E-sim, so technically it is possible that phone providers in the UK may start selling it at some point.
Thanks Jeffy - this is not really so clear on Samsung's behalf!
Is there any movement on eSims in the UK. Both the Samsung S3 watches on sale in the UK (Argos for instance) are the LTE versions (R765 and R775). Seems silly that no providers seem to want to supply eSim contracts for non contracted devices.
eSIMs are available from EE - just got off the phone with them.
They offered a 10GB plan with it for £7 per month.
Unfortunately, the Samasung S3 frontier sold by Argos is SM-R760 and not R765
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