eSIM Contract Providers (Gear S3 LTE)

Found 8th Nov 2016
Does anyone know of any UK networks offering an eSIM contract? I know O2 used to for the Sear S2, but I have the gear S3 Frontier coming soon and I would like to know what options I have for contracts for it?



You don't need it. The UK model isn't LTE compatible. I know. I was surprised too.

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thanks for clearing that up. Very strange as I am sure this was one of the key features and I have not really seen any press about different frontier models. Hopefully I will finally get mine next week after plenty of Samsung delays.

There are indeed 2 models of Frontier: Bluetooth only, and LTE versions. Bluetooth only version is SM-R760, LTE variant is SM-R765. The latter is not available in UK at present. In other countries where it is available (USA for example), it is sold by mobile phone providers, with a contract. No UK providers are currently supporting the electronic sim (e-sim) that the s3 SM-R765 has. Although 02 do support and sell a gear s2 with E-sim, so technically it is possible that phone providers in the UK may start selling it at some point.

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Thanks Jeffy - this is not really so clear on Samsung's behalf!
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