Saw it on the Gadget show at the start of the week
    Looks good.
    Anyone used it?
    "Bid on eBay Automatically!

    eSnipe gives you the power to effectively manage and win eBay auctions by placing bids for you during the last few seconds of an auction - a practice commonly known as "sniping." With eSnipe bidding for you, you can mask your interest in an item, protect your privacy, change or cancel bids, and more."


    use justsnipe and it hasnt let me down..its free upto 5 a week or yo can pay i think £3 a month for unlimited-you dont have to download any programs and I havent had a problem with it..

    there are quite a few of these sniping tools around, some free, some not


    Doesn't Ebay have their own sniping program?

    There are loads of these, called auction sniping. Bids automatically within a few seconds of the auction ending the maximum you would pay for the item. You can also set some of these up on more than 1 item, and if you dont win 1 then it will automatically bid on the next and so on, until you have won.

    Just google auction sniping, should be plenty that come up with reviews.
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