Espon Stylus Colour 680 Printer Help!

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Found 8th Apr 2008
any one got this printer

what like is it for taking compatablie inks
wheres the cheapest ink
is the printer reliable
any problems with printer
are the inks chipped like some cannons
are the inks easy enough to change
as got a second hand one with no ink or drivers ect


inkclub will give you £9 back when you make ur first order through quidco and i think you get free photo paper to!

I had two of these, one at work and one at home

In comparison to modern printers it's poor - "very" noisy and slow although the quality isn't bad and I used to print decent photo quality images on it.

Eventually they both died of the same problem - after making a loud crunching noise would no longer feed the paper.

Never used ink compatibles in it.

been using a 670 for 11 years (thers not much difference) i have used ink compatables since day dot and have had no problems with is its been hammerd and still performes i buy ink from svp for about £2 for both black+colour:-D

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does the cartiredges require a chip
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