Recently Starting Esporta charging me £58 a month!!! I need something cheaper anyone with a discount ill pay them if they can sort me out =D


    Where do you live ?

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    Chigwell next to the premium gym they charging £90 a month too much so going to the Ilford one?

    dont use esporta they are awfull when you try to leave i had mths of problems and was charged even when i was pregnant they have been on watch dog a few times

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    Esporta is the only place with a pool and decent facilities in your area so what can I do I will pay someone to sort me out im that desperate lool

    Find a private gym?

    I pay roughly £30 a month.. no pool.. but sauna/jacuzzi/lots of free weights/machines/classes and cardio suite.

    Thats in Caerphilly though!

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    yeah but i really want to use pool as local pool is ***** and fitness first isnt my cup of tea really =\ thanks for your advice mate repp added xD
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