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Estate agents asking for my NI number, is that normal?

Posted 9th Jul 2014
They are not a very big company so security is another concern
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no not normal
They sometimes needs it for tenant ref check....i.e rent guard or let sure
They say if i don't give it them that i cannot get my application fee back or move into the property
My sons letting agent wanted mine as a rent guarantor.
I object as well, but they tend to have tenants over a barrel - you only find out after you hand over money!
Unfortunately you will probably have to just give it to them but I don't think it's a security concern.
I remember having to hand mine over for some reason when I rented from estate agents didn't think anything of it tbh.
Based on requirements for some landlords, it seems normal. A lot want to do credit checks, employment checks etc etc so it's only natural that the NI number would be included in that as well.
they request the NI number so that they can apply for an attachment of earnings order via the courts should the tenant leave a pile of debt behind
there's not a huge amount someone can do with your NINO, so it's not a massive issue. Your solicitiors will want it anyway because they will have to a file a tax return to HMRC on your purchase anyway so you'll have to give it to them.

Source: Work for a tax company and bought a house 2 months ago
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