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    I've never traded anything in to places like game or game station and I'm usually pretty tight for getting time to head into town so I'm hoping someone can give me an idea of how much these PS2 games I've got could get traded in for and if you think it's worth it or will I get more for selling them on forums/ebay?

    here's the list:

    *World War Zero

    *XIII (13)

    *The Lord Of The Rings: The Third Age

    *Tony Hawks Underground 2


    *Enter The Matrix

    *Just Cause

    *The Warriors

    *Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30

    *Medal Of Honor: Frontline

    *X-Men Legends II: Rise Of The Apocalypse

    *Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

    thanks to anyone who can help.


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    oh yeah, they'r all used but in good condition - Only one there might be a problem with is Medal Of Honor: Frontline, I bought this second hand and although it's a standard case it's a platinum game in side with someone's initials writen really small on the front of the disc.

    as a guide, try cex - have done for Just Cause below…n=1

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    cheers for that mate - is that a good indication of what game or game station usually give?

    Generally with ps2 games you are not going to get much. Best bet is forums or ebay, aim for a few quid each.

    maybe wise to name a price on here for each game, or a total for all inc PnP, then barter for a good price to suit both seller and buyer/s

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    cheers for the help. I'll maybe hang off and see what places in town say as it'd be alot less hassle than having to post stuff off. If I do decide to sell them I'll make sure to list it here too!
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