Estimated Worth Second Hand Sale PS3 + Extras

    Thinking of selling my PS3 PHAT
    160GB Hard Drive with Box
    1 Official Controller
    2 Move Controllers
    2 Navigation Controllers
    Move Eye Camera
    The Fight

    Anyone give me an estimate on how much this lot is worth second hand?


    I'd say about £200 as a bundle.

    Console and controller £120
    2 move controllers £ 50
    2 Navigation controllers £25
    Camera £8
    The Fight £10

    Was the console a 160GB originally?

    Original Poster


    I'd say about £200 as a bundle.Console and controller £1202 move c … I'd say about £200 as a bundle.Console and controller £1202 move controllers £ 502 Navigation controllers £25Camera £8The Fight £10Was the console a 160GB originally?

    Yes it was, was hoping for around the 250 mark

    Is it an original 160GB Limited Edition console, or a lower capacity hard drive model where you have upgraded the hard drive yourself?



    Also mention condition is everything like new or in awful condition?


    id say around £180 depending condition, maybe less due to most people wanting a slim.

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