Esure car insurance.

Posted 10th Jan
It's that time of year again for me to get the best quote.

Esure has come up the cheapest so far.

Has anyone used them and had to claim?

If so, what was your experience with them?
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Im with esure been with them for 3 years now no problems with them I stick with them as they cheapest
All insurance companies are the same until you need to claim.
Have you looked at by miles.
You pay for your car to be insured fully comp on the drive, then a per mile you drive. ( £170 fully comp and 3.2p a mile )
It has saved my around 70% on my renewal.
If you get referred you both get £50 of free miles.
The only down side is you have to fit an obd2 device into your car so they can track your mileage.
It stops my stop start from working, In my opinion a good thing.
We usually alternate between Admiral multi car and Aviva multi car, but for some reason this year we are getting much better prices to ensure separately.
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I used Esure before,
Had a accident a couple years back when it was snowing bad.

Didn’t take long to get a courtesy car, and taking my car to garage.

But it was a write off, and the price they offer me wouldn’t buy a similar car off the market,
But they say they (and all insurance companies) use some kind of price guide.

Was able to haggle to get a slightly higher price.

So in the end didn’t really have any problem with them, would use them again if their quote is good
I alternate each year between esure and Sheila's wheels (owned by esure) so that I am always a 'new' customer so get topcashback and free legal expenses and home emergency cover

Claimed 3 times under the home emergency cover (£350, £200, £150) and they paid out very quickly and premiums didn't increase. Fully comprehensive car insurance, legal expenses and home emergency cover was £110 after £40 topcashback

Great company imho
I wouldn't use them again, like Evilcell they offered significantly less than a like for like car would cost ignored all evidence of multiple cars and even the cheapest worst on auto trader costing a lot more, refused it all and paid a lot less.
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