Ethernet cable longer than 7m needed!

    Getting a new HD TV delivered at the weekend (finally talked the wife into it!) and I'm planning on playing my Xbox 360 on it.
    The only thing is my router is in a different room and it would be way too much hastle to move it.

    I don't fancy shelling out for the wireless dongle because:
    A) my wireless isn't that great all the time
    B) I'm not paying £37 for it when I'll probably not use it that much! (Yes I'm tight lol!)

    I'd prefer to run a cable to it and would need upwards of 7m I reckon, but I have no idea where to get these cables apart from PC World etc, who last time I looked, were charging far too much for them.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    amazon have quite a few that are cheap

    ebay usually the best for ethernet cable by the metre, or i know there is someone on here who often sells it by the metre aswell.

    No, just no mate buy a PS3

    How about getting a pari of homeplugs, that's what i've done.


    Looks good too

    i bought from CABLESTAR playtrader before, and his delivery is really quick
    I think ordered at 2pm and delivered next morning.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for everyones help! rep left for the links!

    wow never realised they were so cheap....
    looked it up and theres no performance loss until at least 100m...
    i have a feeling my house is going to have wires running all over the place soon..
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