Posted 21st Dec 2022
Hi, any tips please? Here's where I need to get it through...

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  1. Avatar…-15 flat cable under door threshold stripe can work

    Powerline adapter can be an option (edited)
    Hmm quality can't be great if it's flat surely?
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    If you want damage free options, then home plugs (ethernet via your power cables)
    Or wireless.

    If you don't mind damage, then a drill through the wall?
    Alternatively you can go up through the attic
    i second the home plugs. shocking how fast the connections travels through the electric.
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    You may find that an ordinary cat5e cable will have enough clearance without modification - have you tried? I did run a lot of cables through my house under floor and tracked in walls, however I did have a few "temporary" runs that I ran under the door. The first one I trimmed a little off the door jam and the cable slid through without issue. It eventually came undone and got chewed up by the door, but it's easy enough to replace. The second door I hid the cable under the metal door trim, no modification necessary!

    On my run I cut a notch in the door jam (red) and ran the cable under the metal door tread (yellow)49109257-tAzuN.jpg (edited)
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    Search for this
    Flat RJ45 window extension cable
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    Flat cable in floor/frame corner area, optionally trimming the metal threshold bar.

    A 3metre "ultraflat" CAT7 extension is under £3 FBA:…IA/
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    I use these and I get 50mbps on a different level of the house from a 100mb connection, very good in my opinion.
    Being a flat won't make any difference, you still have your own electric ring main that it sends it through
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    I used to go through the gap between the door and wall
    Did you?
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    Cut ethernet cable, Cable clips on skirting board, hole through wall, recrimp cable the other end.
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