EU 2 Years Warranty

    I read on HOTUK on one of the topics abou a guys trying to repair his Laptop after it broke outside the 1 year warranty. One of the comments was that under the EU rules, manufacturer are oblige to repair within 2 years?
    A friend of mine work in an electric shop and told me that they were asked and they cjecked and one of their supplier told them that this does not apply as UK did not sign for it?
    Any comments guys as my Laptop is 15 months and this did put me off pursuing HP to repair it?


    the uk did not sign up for it,but it still does not stop you getting you lap top repaired under sog act problem might be proving laptop has fault

    As above the SOGa covers you up to 6 yrs never mind 2 but you have to pursue the place you bought it from, essentially it is a case of proving it to be a hardware fault not caused by your self (ie dropping it)
    15mths is not a reasonable lifespan for a laptop..

    and i may be wrong but as i understood it it wasn't a case of not signing up, as any european law may apply here being in "Europe" but the gov simply haven't implemented a new UK law with the excuse our existing SOGa already covers it..

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    Thanks guys for the advice
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