Posted 20th Jun 2022
Has anyone encountered a login error when trying to add Eufy Security to Google Home? I keep getting an invalid login, 18201 error.

Googing it brings up this page which doesn't seem to help or address it really.

Just thought I'd ask as I know there are a fair few Eufy users on here.
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    I always found my Google Home devices were a bit janky when it came to working with my cameras (including Eufy). They would work fine for a short time, but then you had to remove Eufy from the Google Home app, and then re-adding/re-authorising.

    Ended up getting some Alexa devices which seem to work much better with this sort of thing.
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    Ah! Okay. I've not found those issues myself, perhaps I've just been lucky then. I'll have a further poke around and stuff next time I'm at my folks (who I'm setting this up for so it's easier for them to use). Cheers
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    I'm having this issue now. Any fix found?
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    Probably not a fix for you but mine was the whole Googlemail vs Gmail resolving to the same thing. I think Eufy was trying to login using @ Googlemail for some reason when the account was setup with @ gmail.

    Unlikely to be the fix for you but hey ho, you never know. Good luck!
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