Eughk - Never order from AliExpress/Wish

Posted 13th Dec 2019
Always seem to have a problem with an order I.e. my partners shirt that he wanted was way too snug for him and the print was faded really badly.

Still awaiting two items to arrive from when I ordered back in October, reached out to their customer service and I can’t understand their message due to the language barrier. Lesson learned!

Anyone else had terrible experiences with sites/apps like these?
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I've had no problems with them at all but I'd never buy clothes as the sizing is all over the place and you sometimes don't know if you are getting their sizing or uk or something else all together.

To be honest though I've normally forgotten I've ordered something by the time it arrives from either.
I've had the odd thing not turn up but always had a refund after 30 days. Clothes you need at least a 3XL if you are a M or 4Xl for a L
Buy for peanuts get a load of old tat
Don't buy clothes from China. Stick to stuff like electronics and you'll have a better experience.
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Stick to electronics... I'm using some earbuds that only cost me around £8. Work fine and add most electronic stuff is made in China nowadays, and they are competing with themselves (nationally) I think the standard of their products has improved quite a lot.

Clothing? Nah , I'll pass on that thanks.
My son ordered a 'L' shirt from them last year despite me advising him not to.

Ended up niece's teddy bear!
They’ve been fine for other stuff I’ve ordered (where size isn’t an issue)..but I wouldn’t touch ANY Chinese seller for clothing. Sizing tends to be absolutely tiny and not consistent.
I'm on over 1000 orders from aliexpress and very pleased. I've had the odd issue but it's always been sorted and I've never lost a penny.

Cloths you have to look athe size in cm and compare to what you have, not just go by s, m, l, xl. Although that's pretty obvious.
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Would not waste my time with aliexpress.
Rather buy electronics used with g'tee or uk ebay chinese seller
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