Euro 2008 Football Final Streaming - links

    Not sure if this'll be use to any1 but I thought I would post a link from a forum that I always get my streaming links from for those not near a TV. I'm not even watching it but y'know - share the wealth etc

    I also generally ignore their instructions and just pull up one of the mms:// links in VLC as I think it runs better.

    Anyway -…tml

    have fun!


    As the match will be shown on terrestrial tv, you could also try:

    ]http//za…om/ - currently streaming cricket as ****** virgin media box is playing up.

    This is the best one;


    Currently 34 Channels showing the match worldwide, 90 different links for those channels, some run in Media Player others you need TVants or sopcast for example

    I always recommend dowloading sopcast for streaming

    There is also


    Original Poster


    There is also[url][/url]

    Didn't know that bbc did live streaming now!?? Only thought they had the iplayer which is just archived - Cheers for the heads up!

    edit: meant to say in my original post that the link is a collection of links to choose from so if one is rubbish, just choose the next. Obviously you have more to choose from because added to the list here to - thanks.…tml…stm

    Yep done it for the whole tournament lol. A lot better then them dodgy al-qubadba sites.
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