Euro 2020 final. BBC or ITV?

Posted 11th Jul 2021
So who is watching on what?
Personally, I will be watching BBC much as I despise their state imposed funding ,Gary Lineker and Micah Richards who just comes across as plain simple. However Shearer and Klinsmann are probably the best of a bad bunch.
ITV just woeful. Keane is a bitter individual, Neville too woke and Wright makes Micah Richards look like a Mensa genius.
And whilst I am on a rant, I don't think the female pundits/commentary have contributed much. It's a cross between white noise and nails down a blackboard (if I can still say that).
So tomorrow, I'm watching BBC with Radio 5 Live commentary with Chris Waddle. Take on the man, you never give up.... it's one on one.
FFS Sterling stay on your feet, if we're to win this, do it properly.
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