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Posted 12th Apr 2010
just like too have abit of feedback from you all.........just recieved this letter from euro car parks.....i was parked on a sunday behind sainsburys farnborough were no yellow lines are but they say your not allowed to park there clamping may occur....but sunday i thought id be okay.......this happend on the 7th of march ....came back too the car no cap parking ticket on the car when i finished me shopping...then today i recieved a parking ticket for a 50.00 fine for parking were i did even thou there was no ticket on the car over a month ago.....what should i do?????never heard of this company before/is it a scam?euro car parks lmt.........web address is www.eurocarparks.comany help would be appreciated asap.....thanks all
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Just come back from winter hols had a fine from A Control account credit … Just come back from winter hols had a fine from A Control account credit com wont 105 pound as euro car parks have pass this on I went shopping at Sainsbury st albans but car park full this was new year so parked in a white cross marking place and got a fine any advice as getting fine for shopping is a bit lousey as it was new year and packed everywere

Jus ignore it.

Jus ignore it.

You can send him a file in a cake if you got in wrong.
I have received four letters now. Letters 3 and 4 from debt recovery plus. I will continue to ignore. Total scam. Anyone got any more updates?
just ignore it bud it will go away
Hi, does anyone have an update on this? I've also had 4 letter, 3&4 being from Debt Recovery Olus threatening court action. I am in my early stages of pregnancy and just lost my Dad to Cancer. I can't be doing with the stress. I don't recal overstaying the 90 minutes allowed so if I did it was literally minutes. When I appealed I asked them to confirm how long I overstayed and their response didn't even mention how long I'd been there.

What do I do?!
ignore it I did it and never heard from them good luck
123tylerjames - did you get letters threatening court action etc? I'm in the process of selling my house and purchasing another and I don't want anything affecting it. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly x
yes I did this was quite a while ago when I first done this post....is it one of these private companys the letters are from.....? look on martin moneys expert online as there used to be info on there about these companys good luck
Oh god yeah it was 2010! Haha yeah it was Euro Car Parks and their 'debt agency' is Debt Recovery Limited. So just ignore and nothing will come of it? I bet I'll be one of those that get taken to court! :P x
let me no how you get on ....
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