Found 19th Jul 2008

I am looking at around £1500 of Euros to be brought in the next week or so.

Options I have are...
M&S (Good Rate)
Post Office (Good rate and £4.50 Quidco per £500)
Travelex (Best rate 0.5% Quidco)

Will probably go for three lots of the post office, £500 is free and £4.50 quidco on each.

Any other ideas or better rates.

Also isn't 1.22 to the pound really poor???

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dont M&S have an offer on free voucher or something


Yeah Post Office is where my money would go.

Why did you not change some currency back when the rate was high :roll:

See posts:…os/ ohdaesu is after shifting some @ 1,428 GBP,…os/ (see my nationwide flex account posts here)

Check for rates, best is with nationwide flex account - currently €1.25 to £1 :thumbsup:

Yes the euro is poor at the min, we went away last month and you can really see the difference from a year ago. Have a look at the MSE it tracks the best rates. Good Luck, Happy holidays…ney

Money maximiser link

Thomas global exchange offering 1.24 on £1500, £5 delivery or order and collect in central London (if you live near)

How much Qudco do you get using Posy Office? I make it only £1.55 for each transaction.
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