euro disney help please

i want to take my son to euro disney in june 2010 does anyone know a cheap place to book a holiday and is it best to fly or drive or euro tunnel which hotels are the best ones any information will be great thanks

i had a quick look and package for 6 nights came back at £3000 for me and my son he is 3


cheaper to go to Florida

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i was thinkin that but i hate flying

i am terrified of flying but trust me florida is so so worth it , have a trip to docs 1st x x x

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why go to the docs is he gonna help me if i crash at 600mph

and if i do crash i bet i still have to wait for a docs appointment

HI, £3000 seems really expensive, you could go to Florida for that price. We went to Euro Disney a couple of years ago, 2 adults and 2 kids booked flights separately with easyjet, think the flights were about £50 each travelling from Liverpool and then just booked accommodation at Hotel Cheyenne through disney official site which included entrance to the park for 4 days and I think it only cost about £550 for the lot. When we arrived it was late at night so jumped a cab which cost about £100 but booked the disney bus back which picks up at all the hotels and this was about £15 each. We went the beginning of June when kids were in school, so seems really expensive what you have been quoted. The kids loved the Hotel Cheyenne and I would recommend it but the only downside is that it doesnt have a pool.

Do you plan on exploring the surrounding area while you are there. Six days is a long time in euro-disney. 3 full days would be enough if you just want the parks.

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£3000 was for disney hotel thanks for info poppie very useful and thanks for info tinkerbell i wont go for a week as i am just going for the parks i will look at 3 or 4 days

Book flights yourself and wait on the usual Disney deals which tend to come out in the New Year for Summer bookings.

If you want to be right on the doorstep and in the best hotel on site then go with the Disney Hotel. If flexible lots of other options and considerably less cost.
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