Euro disney spending money?

    Off to Euro disney next week for 4 days. We have the half board plan as staying in disney hotel.
    Never been before, but need some idea of how much spending money to take - family of 4, 2 adults 2 children age 12 and 9.
    Thanks .
    If anyone has any best bits etc to visit too that would be great


    avoid the food in the park its terrible

    eat whats free and try to buy snacks to take with you that way you can have a snack qhilw you que as only select rides have fast track options

    Why do you need to take a certain amount? There will be ATMs all over the place.

    Hi,we found that the food in the Disney hotels (Newport / Sequoia / New York) had by far the better choices and off course they are included within the half board meal ticket. I guess if you have that all you need is to buy lunch out which will cut costs down considerably. Friends of ours didn't take out the half board meal deal and they spent most of their money on eating out.

    As for cash its hard to say as I'm sure you'll find souvenirs etc that you want to buy once you get there. If it helps we're a family of 3 and spent £600 over 6 days but that was going mad on stuff we didn't need lol... you'd be fine with less ...unless you take my Mrs with you who's Disney mad lol.

    Hope this helps

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    beth25, you will have a fab time, there is a great tips forum on tripadvisor that I use HERE. If you are half board, all you will need is a light lunch, especially if you are eating in the hotel buffets / park buffets. The food at Inventions in DLH is amazing & so is the character interaction.
    Earl of Sandwich & Vapianos offer really good value food. Last time we went, 2A & 2C, we took £1000 in euros, had half board + Princess Dining booked, went for the same time as you & came back with nothing, but we really spoilt the girls, had makeovers in the DLH boutique, face painting every day, lots of goodies to bring home.
    We budgeted £30ish for lunches per day, drinks in the park roughly the same, some days we were so full from breakfast, that we just force fed the kids something & skipped lunch. Then we budgeted £50 for drinks with dinner / evening, but again, didn't always spend that.
    Grab a photopass plus if there are photographers at the character meet & greets, really well worth it, we had approx 120 photos on ours at the end.
    Lucky Nugget Saloon has a live puppet show which apparently is really good, meals there cost around 22 euros going off memory, so maybe do that on your last day when you don't have a meal voucher.
    Avoid Rainforest Cafe, we ate there twice, it's awful, not like any of the others we've been to.

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    Make yourselves some rolls at the buffet breakfast to take with you for lunches.

    Youve already covered your main costs by taking out the hb option-and you dont need to actually eat in your hotel, but make reservations to be sure of getting in.

    In the park prices are very similar to say alton towers etc- expensive! And the shops also are, many products you will be able to buy anywhere/time cheaper.

    But remember, youll maybe not go again, and youve spent alot to get there, so whats a little bit more to give the kids something theyll remember for ever?

    Amen to that last paragraph Rich.
    And I second wrapping ham rolls at breakfast - you don't think you'll want it at the time but you will when you see other families tucking into theirs
    That said, the rolls will be more than enough after a buffet breakfast.
    Someone else has no love for Rainforest Cafe which surprised me as we had a fantastic meal there and I thought important to add that the prices were barely and more than queuing for a takeaway burger opposite and eating it sat out on the strip.
    Obv there is also McDonalds there.
    Last thing, buy your bottles of water and snacks from the shop opposite the entrance to the parks (by station) - massively cheaper than inside the park.
    Enjoy! x

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    thanks all for your help.
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