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    Hi does anyone know of any way or site I can use to get a discount on euro disney tickets, had a bit of a look around and cant see anything (already have hotel booked so combined deal would be no good). Or as Plan B seriously cheap things to do in paris.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I love Paris - if you intend going back perhaps an annual pass for disney, I found it cheaper to buy as went back within the 12 months and had unlimited entry to both parks. Notre Dame is free and maybe a bus tour would be best as you will see all the sights, I love it when they light up the Eifel Tower - we always think of it as she has her pretty dress on! There are so may things to do for free the Louvre is free at certain times and certain days, or was last year and he year before. If you do not have a car get the carte l'orange pass, it covers all forms of transport and is so very cheap - the french use it and you have to have a passport size photo to buy, you can buy at rail stations/bus stations out there as soon as you, not widely know of here as it is so cheap and they always try to get you to buy the paris pass (or somthing like that) it runs from a Monday to Monday for the whole week and you can only buy on certain days
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