Euro Emissions Standards can they be met or tracked by councils?

Found 10th Nov 2017
Given so much anticipated reliance on these by councils looking to charge vehicles driving into towns and German manufacturers collusion over Diesel emissions and VW group cheating of emission tests.


LINK ...there is proof that it was agreements among these five automakers that ultimately ensured that emissions from diesel vehicles were not cleaned as effectively as would have been technically possible. This all began with the cartel of the five automakers.

Diesel buyers are now left with the damage. They face the prospect of no longer being allowed to drive their cars in cities, and of suffering significant losses when selling the vehicles. Shareholders are also among the victims. Penalties for cartel violations weaken the companies in which they hold shares and can lead to declining share prices. Suppliers are also adversely affected, as is almost always the case with cartel agreements. If the five German automakers agree to buy from only one company, others stand no chance of securing orders

Volkswagen: The scandal explained
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10 December 2015

Not quite sure what you are on about.

But the Scottish Govt. / Glasgow City Council have a cunning plan for a low emissions zone in Glasgow city centre where only vehicles registered after a certain date will be deemed to be compliant and not charged. They'll use ANPR and then check against DVLA database.
This would allow all Euro6 vehicles and some Euro5 depending on when they were registered.
If I'm reading it right though it makes no real sense.
My Euro5 vehicle which was bought and registered after their arbitrary cutoff is in theory no more or less polluting than one which was registered a day before but would be hit by a £20 a day charge. In fact it could have been built years earlier than that one and simply sat around for years before I registered it.

Very blunt instrument.
For the areas that they are saying there is massive pollution in Glasgow the main culprits are taxi ranks where the engines are never switched off, old buses and for Union Street all the diesel trains from Central Station. It's like a grey fog in there sometimes.
They'd be far better making Union Street buses only since it is pretty much a bus station at the best of times but hybrid or better buses only.
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