Euro football on TV

    Can you please help settle an argument in our house that has taken on titanic proportions, last night my husband announced that it was only a few weeks till Euro 2008 and that there would be loads of football on TV, so I pointed out that we weren't in it this time (we're not are we?) so only the important matches (maybe the final, at a push the semis) would be shown. He went on that it was going to dominate TV for the whole tournament. Now in my opinion this seems extreme, if England ( or Wales, Ireland or Scotland ) are not in it who will watch?? Surely there will only be a few die hard football fans interested. I can see that some will want to watch but would the more minor channels not be more appropriate? Will the ratings and therefore the revenue not drop?
    Well he says loads will watch and I say I really can't see it. So what do you all think?
    Is anyone here planning on watching?


    most folk will watch as many matches as they can...
    as for coverage, do a google?

    The coverage will be the same as if the home nations were in it, there will be loads of matches on "normal" tv

    Looking forward to it

    i like my football but i cant get excited about euro 2008 - might watch the odd france or italy game but thats it

    are france and italy in it!! thats how exciting it is

    friendlies between home nations will be better

    Yeah were not in it but still......its european football:p ill be watching!

    i'm actually really looking forward to it.

    it'll be refreshing to not have to listen to the commentators drone on and on and on about engerlund and 1966.

    although I bet they'll still manage it

    i mean, watch this - is this really justified?!?…Mgg

    I think BBC & ITV had already bought the rights to Euros ages ago.:oops:

    Every match will be on one channel or another
    BB1 - BBC2 - BBC3

    ITV1 - ITV2 - ITV3 etc

    Wall to Wall football - :thumbsup:

    With the like of Austria - Switzerland - Greece to look forward to!
    Happy Days:roll:

    Yeah I won't be booking time off work or anything like if England were in it but I'll be watching as many games as I can


    Every game will be on terrestrial telly, I'm going over there for a week, can't wait. Won't have to worry about any English football hooligans for a change either hopefully!! :thumbsup:

    Yes it will still be shown as if the "home" nations were in it.

    Really looking forward to this one as there will be no rubbish punditry of the England team and building them up only to put in a rubbish performance and then get slated by same people who were licking their feet before the match!!

    Come on Spain - the England of Europe if that makes sense (!), always have great football players but as a national team so shambolic its unreal.
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