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Found 24th May 2011

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Thailand - Middle aged & old mens PARADISE :D. Next time, well if there is one, you'll have to learn how to control yourself. Woah not looking good, I tried googling those symptoms and first results I get are STDs.

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who got an erection first op?


If you are worried about this going on your medical record you can always visit a sexual health clinic and give a false name.

(If this isn't a troll thread)


Now that's a woman and for some strange reason I can imagine the op looking like the man.
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give this man around of applause.... sorry that should be the clap, as it sounds like thats what you have

Yep, sounds like a trip to the Clap Clinic... if indeed this isn't a troll topic.
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Whats yellow and green and eats nuts?


Don't go, I've been 4's painful

one experience was when this hot nurse asked me to pull my foreskin back...I've never seen my little man er little.


I think I've got no other choice touch wood it doesnt hurt

Was that intentional? lol, this is definately a windup

(_;) are you been serious? If so you deserve to be found out IMO


Only had the clap once, my knob fell off so no more fun for me.....good luck.

BTW if you start blinking rapidy get your ass straight to A&E in double quick time....;)

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Working shifts extra £3000 a year
Having internet access Free

Leaving myself logged in at work PRICELESS

For all other things you can count on you work mates to screw you over!
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