Euro Millions....

    No one won it again.....

    I got 2 stars plus one number yayyyyy :-D lol


    what were the numbers?

    I only ever played the lottery once. I did quite well... I was only two numbers off a tenner!!


    No one won it again.....I got 2 stars plus one number yayyyyy :-D lol

    How much did you win?

    [SIZE=2]Never played it, the odds are too great against me winning it.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Plus if I won I'd never need to come here again[/SIZE]

    Ooh, one star and two numbers for me .. Which leaves me £5.10 up after deducting the ticket price, ha! :giggle:

    i got a ticket for this saturdays lottery (didn't know about the euro million last sunday).... i've never been very lucky and the most i won was a pound on a scratch card.

    we should all start a lottery pool....we could be millionaires!!!

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    How much did you win?

    £9.80 lol oh well at least its something!

    don't forget it has to be won next week - if there isn't a jackpot winner, it gets shared with the level below (5 numbers 1 star ?)....


    has anyone heard of this website, e-lottery or something. you pay £5 a week and you supposably have a 3600% greater chance of winning the jackpot. is this true or a pack of lies? (also you don't get a ticket to your name, its to their name, and you devided your winnings with other people??)

    Do a google for lottery syndicate or something like that and you will come up with loads of information. Basically these are a type of pyramid scheme so more or less a scam, either you are abusing someone else's position or you are the one being abused...

    thought so, thanks for the tip admin, exactly the answer i was looking for

    got the two star numbers but that's it.. BOOO!


    I WON!!!

    6.60 anyway, but I am happy, brought the ticket with my last winnings, I'm 7.10 up!

    i got 1 number for national lottery and 1 number for dream number... yay...

    i just found out, that means i won £2 lol (for the dream numbeR)

    Hows euromillions work then? I suppose jackpots even bigger next week since nobody won? Might have to give it a go
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