Euro millions lottery price increase

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Found 13th Nov 2009
How cheeky can you get they have raised the ticket price by 50p to £2,you are entered into a raffle but there should be an opt out if you dont want to be in the raffle.



ah but think of the bigger winnings


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bah humbug

Just another part of living in 'rip off UK' and having a lottery being run by a American company.

Things can't stay the same price forever, it's called inflation. I'm suprised the nomal lottery is still at £1 after all these years.


You have a choice. Either buy it, or dont.

The extra 50p will increase prize funds and also brings the addition of the raffle whereby 1 lucky UK person will win a gauranteed £1million so OP why would you want to opt out of that?? gotta be init to winit!!

dont buy it simples

I think its fine. Your getting another chance at winning a million. Actually one person in the UK is guaranteed a million. I think that's fair enough for a 50p punt.

they have been advertising this for quite a while, but what can you get for 50p these days apart from a chance to win a million squid :thumbsup:

I don't think the the increase is because of the raffle, i think the raffle is a marketing ploy to help cover the increase, probably due to the crap exchange rate over the last year

if you pay a pound for the normal lottery i think the odds of winning are 1 in 14 million but you might end up sharing the prize.

On the euromillions now, for the extra 50p you get a unique raffle code, thus you odds are winning are 1 in (total number of tickets sold that week). I beleive that an average of 8 million people play the euromillions in the UK each week, therefore taking the average, your chance of winning £1millon AND keeping it for yourself would be 1 in 8million.

I think for a 50p increase, an extra chance to win, and those odds are not to much to complain about.

Thou i dont play any of them......


the thing is its a euro lottery and britain pay more then anyone per ticket
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