EuroMillions Loosers + Results

    Come here if you lost.

    09, 30, 35, 39, 46 with lucky stars 6 and 8


    that'll be me then

    and me....crap numbers again....3, 17, 29, 31, 46........lucky numbers 2, 9

    And me! Very close in my first draw!

    A. 15 32 33 37 44 03 06 LD  
    B. 03 16 29 38 47 02 05    

    can the winners make their way in too?x

    OMG - 1 uk winner scoops the entire lot!

    WOW !!! i wish !


    OMG - 1 uk winner scoops the entire lot!

    not me !! lol. 2 numbers and 1 star well i might win something? dont know thw raffle result?

    back to work monday then!

    Blimey one lucky person is £113 million richer tonight!

    i won 112 million woop
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    dam it, im looking at thouse winning numbers on my euro slip, but forgot to submit them, oh well you live and learn, im over it!

    £2 poorer!


    OMG - 1 uk winner scoops the entire lot!

    jeez, that is a serious amount of money to suddenly have !!!

    £6.80... shame it wasn't more!

    Original Poster Banned


    £2 poorer!

    `£5 me

    Yay £7.90 for me... only a £2.10 loss.

    I would probaby win it but there would be 111 million other winners on the same night.

    I lost Tried to log onto the lottery website tonight at about 7 to buy a ticket. Couldn't bloody log on. So no ticket, no £112m

    I know who won

    £10 for me now ^ lol and I retract

    I meant give me a tenner instead of the £5 you were planning on giving everyone else one here. Then I would keep quiet about it.

    I won 3 times, i put £40 on and won £42.70, last week i put £20 on and won £21.40. Im doing well lol

    Good luck to whoever won



    I didn't win........but then again i didn't buy a ticket so i broke even.



    Say that to the £113million winner.
    Edited by: "Wotwot123" 9th Oct 2010

    wasn't me
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