Europe needs to reinstate border controls to check who comes in and out of each country

    If anyone here ever travelled by vehicle throughout Europe then you've noticed that stepping into another country literally means just driving without customs verifying if the person is eligible or not to enter the country. I have to say, this is terrible for Europe because criminals (and potential criminals) can easily get away as without border control they can freely escape X country without a worry.

    Thankfully UK hasn't gotten rid of border controls and it's a wise choice to keep them for security reasons.


    heresy in our current times to propose such a 'crazy' idea

    The fact we are surrounded by water can be quite useful after all.

    God (any one, or none at all) bless the Kingdom of Great Britain & all those that sail on her.
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    like fanpages said we are surrounded by water, if we wasn't then yea we would have been same as the rest of eu.
    it was on news this week, of how many European people came over here

    Need to and will are very different thing.
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