European headlight convertors

    Hi there,

    I m going to be travelling to france at the end of may and am wondering whether I will really need these as the darkness will be quite late at that time of year?

    If i do can i make them up myself, does anyone know a website or alternatively where is the cheapest place to buy them.

    I have a granny wagon that i am taking on a couple of hundred mile journey is a daihatsu mira, do these need convertors????


    Take the risk at your own peril.
    The French traffic cops I have met aren't exactly tolerant of us Ros Bifs and our somewhat lax views on their driving laws. Dont forget the hi-vis vest as well.

    It is important that you carry all the necessary in your car in case you get stopped. This includes the triangle, hi-vis jacket, spare bulbs for lights, spare tire etc. Also your driving licence and insurance details.
    On the offending area on your headlights you can actually use the 'painters' tape. I have seen a lot of people at the ferry waiting queue do this and can only presume it is ok. You need to check how to tape off your lights as the instructions are a little vague at the best of times (maybe you can find a website that explains it, or drop in at Halfords and have a look at them). I have used the official ones in the past which cost a bomb and can only be used once, and you are lucky if they don't drop off before the end of the journey. The cheapest once I found were on E-bay at the time, not sure about now.
    DKLS is absoluty right, on the continent they are much stricter on the driving laws. Advantage of this is that you don't get blinded by dud-lights much, don't get blinded by prats turning on their fog lights when there is still more than 100 meter visibility etc. I know that in the Netherlands you can get fined for not carrying your drivng licence and insurance details! You can also be find for not carrying the necessary items.
    Hope you have a good trip.

    the police lookout for GB plates and stickers and pull you over for routine stops. you must comply with all the regs (including the convertors - even in daylight) or they will book you. they will even book you if you don't have enough hi-vis jackets for everybody and at least one (for the driver) has to be inside the vehicle (ie not in the boot) at all times. they will also book you if you've a radar detector onboard (even in the boot). they are very strict

    they used to sell the complete european pack in Halfords including the triangle and all you need for travelling by car in europe

    I've never used them. As pegsw says though, you can just put a bit of tape on your lights and it's all good. Don't use black electrical tape though if you plan to be there at night, which we did once for a laugh :oops:

    Part of the beam pattern needs to be blanked off to avoid dazzle, it is critical where the tape is placed, it isn't as simple as just putting a bit of tape on your headlights.

    most modern headlights can't be taped as you need the bend of the beam to be reversed not blocked out. even with the deflectors its crucial where you place them. the guys loading the ferry will usually give you a hand and indeed will fit them for you if you're not sure
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