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Found 28th Oct 2017
Hi guys,

I recently moved to Germany for a temporary stay. Last week I received a text from GiffGaff informing me I would no longer be able to use the 'roam like at home' privileges of EU data and texts/calls coming out of my plan - I've been here 3 months now.

I'm looking for a new sim, but its important to me to keep the same number (my UK one) particularly for ease and when I return middle of next year. Is there any provider who allows a UK number but acts as a standard provider in a European country where I'm not limited to a 'fair use policy' meaning I have to use 50% of my plan in the UK? I can buy any standard UK one, but after a few months I would have to change my SIM card again, and again a few months later.

I know I'm likely to get the response to just get a German SIM, but I'll be moving out of Germany to another EU country soon - and as I say, want to keep my UK number.

Thanks for your help!
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Why don’t you get a new sim from say vodafone swap your number over and use their roam from home until they catch on
All UK networks will only allow you to use your UK plan in the EU (or anywhere really) for a max of 3 months. The current system is there for people on holiday or business trips not for long stay. No way around that, the servers will monitor and cut you off at the preset point.
Thanks both, I am most likely going to have to just do that, not ideal getting new sims all the time - I understand why the rules are there but for example it cut me off 5 days before going back to the UK this time
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